Sunday, March 8, 2015

Into pot

Well I am back into the dyeing pots am trying to work through a lot of dried shrooms and lichens ..the two below are omphalotus olivascens which I tried to get a purple but ended up with lovely silvers, and the paxillus atromentosus which gave me lovely greenish brassy colour. all the colours  I loved butnot necessarily   what I was expecting.. Will try the omphalotus again with ph lower and simmering and see if purple will show itself....I love the mystery of the shroom dyeing and very seldom am disappointed with whatever I get, and the lovely thing about natural dyeing is they all go so beautifully with each other 
and I also am. Weaving some rugs again, out of 100 percent wool, the weft being four plyed  homespun...they are thick and lush and am keeping one for myself for a change...
finished this mushroom dyed blanket which was the end of twenty blankets, it was hard to cut off the end of the dummy warp, but I had to to make room for the
spring has definitely sprung here on the west coast of Canada and I find myself looking for mushrooms already. The Rufus hummers have returned and seedlings are coming up naturally in the garden...what a wonderful if not worrisome mild winter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Forest Floor

hThis is the "Forest Floor" rock  I am working on these days, trying to capture the look of a branch with moss almost covering it, in this case an arbutus branch embedded in french knots appearing like moss....well the closest I can get to moss 
And this time, left some rock exposed and did an edge of turkey tails, trametes versicolor, which was a challenge and fun, although too large perhaps....and a small western amythest purple lacaria....this rock is not completed but it's the largest one yet...I keep adding more to the collection asI study more mosses etc... 
Need more rocks with more texture and leave more exposed...that is my next one...
the top and bottom picture , because I can't figure out how to place them properly on this blog, are of my new blanket I just took off the loom. Not complete or fulled yet, but will post when done....this is of mushroom dyed warp, dyed with hydnellum arantiacum with many different modifiers to give a variation of all of them and pleased how it turned out with just a white warp, because I have a 48 inch loom and this is a queen size blanket, it is a double weave....made for a queen!
And I still have more room on my dummy warp for another blanket......guess i will be dyeing more warp this week..I collected these hydnellum a few years ago and have lots dried and frozen to play with, they give me subtle colours because I think my ratio of wool to mushrooms was too low, will up that and see if I can get some stronger colours for the next one, although I do love the lightnss of this one...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rocky forest floor

These are my latest obsession.....wet felted natural dyed fleece on a rock with my feeble attempt at imiitating the forest floor with embroidery much pleasure!!!!! I was feeling under the weather and this was a warm and fuzzy haven of colour, texture and learning new stitches thatI thought might look like moss, lichen and sporophyyles...loved making the little cladonia and playing with new ideas....learned so many new stitches and felt is so wonderful and forgiving to stitch into....see more of these in my has been mild and January short days are here...always thinking I will get so many projects done in the spring...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Conglomeration of pleasure

Busy busy, xmas markets and just plain cave, too small but a treat to see finished, now either get a kitten or make a pod from it...ten layers of half breed, lvely firm tons of arm work....but love the texture...small hedgehogs, there I was finding myself making a hedgehog, I was surprised, but then made twelve more, too delightful...and finally teaching myself to needlefelt....mushrooms gnomes and mice...thanks to tutorial from sarafina....could become on to the scond fir of the season...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stoned again....sandstoned that is

A continuation of sandstone felts...this piece , except for the last photo, was a scarflette i finished today....loved the tones and the touch of blue was much to learn and such fun learning ..especially with a new can take all your past and apply to a new surface...the trick for me, is remembering it all, more notes , more detail designs and this blog helps as it is like a memory journal of what I have done, what has gone before;). When you do a lot of things that all entail a lot of processing the details get pretty thick and notes help keep things tomorrow I tryanother  technique, and feel a wall piece coming on which would almost be full circle from 25 years ago when i started felting, then I did a lot of wall pieces, quite large is always a shock to see them from time to time at friends places...i would like to take them and felt them all not that they weren't solid but what I thought was well felted then is not how I see well felted now...;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Poor replica ...

No chance of ever replicating what nature presents but so much fun trying....skies cleared and sandstone appeared on my on a small island with incredibly beautiful sandstone beaches, I am amazed it took me so long to try and make a few sandstone wraps, but today was the day, and once I started it was hard to stop, exhaustion was the only thing that made me stop....great to be felting again and to be obsessed with fibre and colour...of course the rest of my life was on hold, but c'est le vie....carpe diem I say...can see I will be travelling on this road for awhile, trying to perfect the stoney look...on felt that is! Lol

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

As the starlings flock

The signs of fall are in the air, starlings flocking and morning dew has just begun, although the 
Days have been sunny and unusually warm....I have been building stock, well actually having a lot of fun,  but building stock sounds so much more work oriented, and what i have been doing definitely feels like are some of my moments in the recent past, between harvesting and drying food.