Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring frenzy

My life is full of processes, colour, pollen, hummingbirds, eucalyptus, and many things Ilove doing ,hard to sit still...carpe diem!!,

Saturday, April 5, 2014


this is my past week's adventure, with a little gardening and seedling transplanting on the side....dyed with madder and cochineal , the top photo, finished a spring iris coloured blanket, with brushed mohair and mushroom dyed warp, cooking up some madder warp for the next blanket and dyeing some lamb's wool that is old but still looks good....local lamb which is about fifteen years old, also dyed some in a vat with lac/madder combo, came out a lavender pink spring is definitely showing itself and the greens and pink blossoms are for more dyeing and some eco printing.  New plants to try for eco printing....and more to be learnt....must keep notes, apparently I have no goal of consistency in my work, working on a "wing and a prayer" seems ot be my natural course, of course, I do jot down notes in my journal but don't seem to read them when I am working,!! Lol. It does make for a lot of variety and endless lessons.....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tea cozies

getting cozy with tea cozies and workbench frenzies

Here are my latest obsession....very cool tea cozies., lined with silk, trimmed out with melton cloth hand sewn, wet felted merino wool...have six, and apparently have few more between times mice are happening, which began with Bamboo the cat, finding a piece of felt cordage and going crazy, so long tailed mice are a big hit and are a pretty cute edition to the table!!lol. I imagine a small 
Herd of mice occupying my market space this summer..the other photo is of my workbench, havng just given a workshop on resists inclusions, and flowers with wemsleydale fleece...all did amazing work and I always learn a ton, had a visiting felter from Prince rupert, Jenny, who did amazing felts, and was great with colour, all of them were experienced felters who did great work, making it so easy to have a class with...we covered tons of different techniques, and even managed to squeeze in spring has definitely sprung here, daffodils blooming, herring have spawned, rufus hummers are rlacing the anna's at the feeder, and I am creative like crazy....all signs of spring....bring it on!!!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Holy Eco Prints

well apparently yet another avenue to follow, ecoprinting  on merino as the snow falls on the crocus flowers, we are having snow for the second time this winter, mild days and heavy wet snow, power outages have been minimal and that is a good able to felt and am getting a lot of experimenting done with resists and holy shawls lol, and eco prints...let the snow fall i have lots of wool to keep me warm...


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Just can't get enough felting these days, must be spring springing as my vreative juices are ramped up big mind seems to be full of new ideas and new techniques and no housework is being done at all... Thought i would be spring cleaning right now, but ...obsessions rule.  The obsession with the brick wall i call them, is still happening, and have several pieces and wall hangings.  I think next obsession I will work in one tone or two then can mix and match into a vest perhaps, I think this technique would work well for a vest with texture, and I am now busy embedding between layers of felt. And experimenting with different type of embedding materials...this has been fun and I see pins clasps etc in their future...small, sit in my chair at night spring fever seems have hit, although I have yet to see anyspring lambs  here, or any herring yet, but the sea lions are gathering and roaring all day and night, and crocii are blooming..I love the West coast of Canada...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mother nature wins

Here is my latest experiment with felting, hoping to duplicate or at least get some semblance to the rocks on the beach here....this is the first of many to come, as the process isvery addictive...the wind is howling and the power threatening to go off, but so far everything isnholding...the anna's hummingbird that has been with us all winter, is gathering fluff from the bullrush we collected at the pond, they love nest building with the soft innards....amazing to see them building nests so early in he spring but that is what the anna's do here at this time of year.  I have cut some soft lincoln natural curls for her also but so far she prefers the bullrush. Laid and rolld two more silk eco scarves today and have them steaming as I write,erhaps more photos tomorrow, if they are fit to print.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tooooooooo long

So much time and so many fibers have passed through since my last are a few photos of where i have been...